"QLAO help Attorneys who struggle with billable major client/matters using law firm practice management software platforms in the Cloud..."
Unsure about the best way to use cloud-based software technology platforms in your law firm?

If you have any questions concerning my professional services, hours of operations according to your law firm's needs or prices, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will help find the best solutions for you.
Are Legal Professionals unsure of the cloud and its capabilities?

The way we live now is a result of advanced technology that has made our lives easier and more fulfilling. It's a great time to be alive if you're in the legal field, with new technology constantly emerging that will help improve our work lives.

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What if you needed to know how your law firm is doing at any given time? Can you think of a few key performance indicators (KPIs) that would feed these statistics and give us an idea as to where changes might be needed in order for your law firm's profitability level to stay on track?
Focusing on financial health is critical to long term success. It is recommended that law firms track these important financial KPIs...
Time tracking is a necessary evil for any lawyer, but the best way to stay on track and meet your goals as you move through the first year of practice. 
When it comes to law firm productivity, many lawyers and legal professionals are often overwhelmed. They struggle with task management which can lead them astray from productive work for the firm as a whole.
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It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you're faced with the task of keeping your law firm’s books accurate. Law firms often have multiple attorneys, support staff and paralegals all vying for attention in addition to other demanding clients or projects that need immediate attention - not only do they need legal advice but also accounting services too! Wow… Stat That!!
Cloud-Based legal accounting software is the future of legal accounting. It's time to get on board with this new technology.

This preference by accountants to utilize this type allows them increased accessibility and ability to edit financial data remotely while also enhancing security during transactions, reducing costs in comparison with traditional approaches... 
The billing system is the core element of your business operations, likely displacing all else when push comes to shove. Lawyers often struggle with finding a billing system that works for them and their clients. It’s important to find one that fits your practice, but it’s hard to know which ones will work best. Is your firm billing flat, fixed, contingency, retainers, hourly fees? What practice management software does your firm chose? Can we talk about it?
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​You’re a lawyer. You know the importance of having good finances to make informed business decisions, but you don’t have time to manage your books and records.
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Does your #lawfirm have an excellent system in place to keep track of your #finances? For instance… Imagine the ability to debit multiple client trust ledgers in one step is a real time saver. 
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Does your law firm know the daily operation functions in your legal accounting department? Law Firms daily operations are a serious matter...
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Our team is composed of specialists who understand the needs of law firms. We provide seamless anywhere access to all the things you need to do your best work.
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#Esquires You're a successful lawyer. You know the law, you know your clients, and you're great at what you do… But that doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself. You need accurate, real-time information to make sound decisions for your business!?