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Increase Your Value! Ease Your Pain!
"QLAO keeps your books!" You (Rainmakers) keep your time...

"Frequently attorneys are too busy with the practice of law to oversee and understand their accounting."
If changes are not applied many law firms will suffer... "QLAO help Attorneys who struggle with billable major client/matters using law firm practice management software platforms in the cloud... (These software platforms integrate with systems that you may already have in place OR  All in one platforms (Migrations available...) 

* Think about some of your pain points with your current legal billing and legal accounting solutions.*
* Think about what parts of  legal billing, trust (IOLTA) accounting, and timekeeping you anticipate being a problem.*

With this in mind QLAO takes the time to understand how your client’s bills come across different practice areas. By integrating legal billing and accounting systems you can always be assured that these two systems are in lockstep with each other-cutting down on errors and time spent entering the same data into multiple systems.

QLAO is the solution to all of these legal accounting problems. 
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